Traffic Authority Review

So, why is this Traffic Authority Review any different from others you may have come across online? I believe it’s because it comes from my personal experience after being FULL time online for 8 years…

During that time, I’ve seen a lot of opportunities launch… some do well, and some flop. So I was interested when the “Infinite Leverage System” (the Beta name of Traffic Authority), launched back in 2014. I was intrigued because I had used their traffic source many times previously to build some of my other businesses like GVO, Pure Leverage, iPAS and Empower Network. Back then they were known as “CPC Broker” and all they did was sell traffic. There was no opportunity associated with the company. But I knew that Greg Chambers, Doug Wellens, and Chad Stalvey (co-founders of the company) were first class guys who knew their stuff when it came to delivering high quality and effective traffic, so I wanted to know more about the other products they were providing, and what the compensation plan was.

traffic authority owners

I reached out to several of my connections who were in the Beta group to see what they thought, and person after person was blown away by the quality of the products, and the leadership of the company. After studying the compensation plan I was sold. So after many months, I decided to join the Beta Group around July of 2015.

And in my first week, I earned over $400, and I really didn’t even do anything to that point as far as promoting the company. I just logged in, set up my system by following the steps, and money started coming in!

Watch My Traffic Authority Testimonial

I had never seen anything like that happen before in any of the other companies I had joined!

And we really only had 2 products at the time. We had a really dynamic traffic tool called the Traffic Optimizer, and we had different traffic packages we could promote.

(Actual Screenshot of My Traffic Authority Commissions Page)

Traffic Authority Commissions

The traffic packages can really provide some terrific one-time high ticket commissions. But don’t ignore the residual (monthly) commissions you can build up just promoting the other products like the Traffic Optimizer and our new product called Traffic Academy.

But my personal opinion is that things really began to take off after somebody new joined the Executive Team over at Traffic Authority in August, 2015. And his name is Adam Whiting.

adam whiting

I had worked with Adam when I was a business coach inside the iPAS System. Adam and his team were responsible for developing the iPAS back office, and now we had him over at Traffic Authority. And immediately we began to see the same professional-looking back office in Traffic Authority that we had seen with iPAS. It’s so powerful because anyone who is a member of Traffic Authority has everything at their fingertips that they need to run a successful online business.

Why Did I Join Traffic Authority?

So, the REASON I joined Traffic Authority, and the reason I am writing this Traffic Authority Review is because I BELIEVE in the products, the company, the management and the COMPENSATION plan…

But… I also saw it as an opportunity to get on board something before it went global… and at the same time POSITION my VIP Traffic Authority Team, so they could begin to make money too… FAST.

Things are going CRAZY!

Now, the best thing for me was the VISION I’d seen from the owners of the company … I saw a vision that I’d only seen once BEFORE… and that was David Wood’s and Dave Sharp’s vision for Empower Network…

Now, don’t QUOTE me on this… but I was called one day by Doug Wellens and Joe Neid (Chief Communications Officer), and they wanted to discuss the future of the Traffic Authority products… and the commission structure… which got me EXCITED!

This was the basic points of the conversation we had…

When I saw the VISION of Traffic Authority and the owners of the company…

I’ve typed out the basic conversation, and I’ve neatened it up, so it looks good for this page…

Here is the breakdown ….

Level I Product – Traffic Authority

1. – Professional Back Office

2. – Total Lead Capture Using Professionally Designed Funnel Systems

3. – Above integrated with a Full Autoresponder (utilizing Get Response)

4. – Automatic Pre-Loading of Email Sequence Followup Emails

5. – Traffic Tools for Optimization and Tracking

6. – Reseller License to Earn Commissions

7. – Plus much MORE

Above will retail for $47/month (paying out $27 Commissions- see Compensation Plan for details)

Level II Product – Traffic Authority Training

  • Training and interviews with todays Industry Leaders
  • Next level instruction and motivation on using the Internet
  • Plus much much more…

Above will retail for $97/month (paying out 50% Commission – see Compensation Plan for details)

We will be adding other products and training down the road …

But when Doug, Joe, and I got to the end of the telephone conversation, they asked me something else that truly excited me…

They wanted to know if I would be willing to join their Traffic Control Board! In fact, I was the very first person they asked to join and I was very honored. And they had me on a webinar with other Traffic Board members, Cara and Diamond Dave, where we discussed some of the awesome training that Traffic Authority provides.

But what does this mean for YOU?

Well, it means a LOT.

Look at these Traffic Authority Bonuses you receive for joining our team.

Bottom line, you will have someone on the inside who is closely connected with the owners and the leadership of the company and can provide you information about what is happening with Traffic Authority before everyone else. This gives you a HUGE advantage over the masses! What kind of value would you place on this insider info? I’d say it’s invaluable, but for the sake of argument, let’s say $1,497.

You will also get Exclusive VIP Membership to our Facebook Group where you will receive our Private Community Support. $197

Top notch and Exclusive Training on how I quickly took my Traffic Authority Business to the next level, and how YOU can do the same! $997

So, now you’ve seen what you get in the VIP BASIC Package, I’m going to totally RAMP up the value of The VIP Basic Package for you and give you the ability to totally CRUSH it online…

This Really Is The BEST Traffic Authority Bonuses Package Available ANYWHERE Online…

Here’s What Else Do You Get When You Join Traffic Authority At the VIP (Inner Circle) Level..

red arrows


You Also Get To Offer This Entire Site As a Bonus For People to Join Your Team

I know, I know… I’m CRAZY, but you know what this means don’t you?

It means YOU have an UNFAIR advantage… over everybody else promoting Traffic Authority. :-)

So, basically… ANYBODY who is looking at joining your team in Traffic Authority… you get to offer them an ETHICAL BRIBE for them to join your team…

…& they ONLY get access to The VIP Traffic Authority Team Package IF they join YOU at our Team Site.

We programmed this site exclusively for our team members so they can leverage this entire site using their Traffic Authority affiliate ids. THIS IS HUGE!

Which ultimately means… YOU earn MONEY!

This is MASSIVE leverage

And valued at $2997.

So, Let’s Wrap This Traffic Authority Review Up

I hope what I’ve shared with you on this Traffic Authority REVIEW page, has shown you that WE have an incredible team… with an incredible opportunity, and an incredible Traffic Authority BONUSES Package

Now, IMAGINE This:

  • Being able to work closely with a TEAM of people to help you achieve your GOALS in the Traffic Authority system…
  • Having FULL access to a system that shows you EXACTLY how-to market TRAFFIC AUTHORITY to ensure you earn multiple sources of INCOME…
  • Being able to OFFER the VIP Traffic Authority Team Site ($2,997.00 Value) as an INCENTIVE for other people to join your Traffic Authority team?
  • Having a SUPPORT community where you can ask any questions and get HELP for your TRAFFIC AUTHORITY business…
  • Having inside access to the company owners and leadership to stay ahead of the curve on what’s coming down the road for your business…

Do you think that would help?

If so… are YOU READY to join us?

So right now, you’ve seen the Traffic Authority Bonuses Package we’re able to offer you, and when you join our Traffic Authority Team at VIP (Inner Circle) level, you get FULL access to all the above!

So, How Do You Join Traffic Authority?

OK, there are are TWO (2) LEVELS to join Traffic Authority…

  1. BASIC level – $47.00 Per Month – which gives you FULL access to the Traffic Authority Optimizer Tool, as well as the Reseller License so you can earn commissions.
  2. VIP (Inner Circle) level – an additional $97 Per Month… which gives you FULL access to everything at BASIC level + the much more ADVANCED Traffic Academy training program to help KICK START your Traffic Authority Business

To get our FULL VIP Team Bonus (including this Team Site) you must join us and UPGRADE to VIP (Inner Circle) Level…

I’m Glad You Found This Traffic Authority Review!

Awesome to meet you, and I look forward to TEACHING you how to build your Traffic Authority business… just REACH out to one of the LEADERS here in our community and click the link below to find out more about Joining Our Traffic Authority Team…

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